Why Billy is Running

New Mexicans Deserve A Better Future

  • Billy is using this campaign to support the election of a Democratic Governor in 2018.
  • As Lieutenant Governor Billy will use his office to expand the ability of the Governor to transform conditions and future opportunities for all New Mexicans.
  • For decades we’ve put up with trickle-down programs that dump millions into corporate pockets without any benefit to hard-working families that are struggling to make ends meet.
  • For decades we’re ignored institutionalized bias against women and the poor, indigenous peoples and the LGBTQ community, rural residents and people of color.
  • It is time to reject the conservative policies that have driven New Mexico to the bottom of national rankings for the wellbeing of children, family poverty, health care, income disparity, and economic activity.
  • State government must reaffirm its commitment to the values of respect and service for all residents, and refocus on improving the well-being of each resident, every family, all of our communities, and the environment.

“Sitting on $23B in reserves when the economy is stagnant and 20% of our residents live in poverty is unconscionable.”