The Lieutenant Governor

El Vicegobernador Puede Marcar la Diferencia

Basic Responsibilities

Billy believes that his first responsibility as a candidate for Lieutenant Governor is to help elect a Democratic Governor. After the election his primary responsibility will be to help the Governor create real change based on the party platform. In other words, he will expand the capacity of the Governor to carry out the will of the people.

Billy will take the steps needed to build a trusted working relationship with the Governor. He will be available to advocate, advise, and facilitate on any number of critical issues at the request of the Governor.

Billy will also use his status as the second highest elected official in the Executive Branch to reinforce the values and direction of the new Administration. This includes using his role as President of the Senate to build legislative support for Administration priorities.

As required by state law, the Lieutenant Governor, or a representative from his office, also sits on eight boards and committees. Bringing these entities into alignment with Administration goals is another important function. They include:

  • State Board of Finance
  • Mortgage Finance Authority
  • Community Development Council
  • Military Base Planning Commission
  • New Mexico Youth Alliance
  • New Mexico Childrens Council
  • New Mexico Border Authority
  • New Mexico Spaceport Authority

In addition to all this, the Lieutenant Governor has a statutory responsibility to serve as the Ombudsman for the people of New Mexico.

As the Ombudsman, Billy will ensure that all New Mexicans have a place to turn to if they have a problem, an idea or a concern. His office will connect residents with the right agencies, and—in this process—ensure that all people are heard and treated respectfully.

He will also use the role of Ombudsman to advocate for greater public involvement in policy creation and program implementation.


Billy will seek support from the Governor to create a Center for Excellence in his office. The purpose of the Center would be to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all state agencies through operational assessments and technical assistance. The Center could also support ethics programs within the Executive Branch of State government.

People can get lost in the system, programs can miss the mark, and laws can impose hardship – especially when special interests have had their way. Sexual harassment or assault, the plight of families with mixed-immigrant status, and environmental contamination of low-income communities are examples of these kinds of problems.

Injustice should not be ignored, no matter how difficult the case. As Lieutenant Governor, Billy will advocate for fairness in all of our initiatives, see that State Government serves all New Mexicans on an impartial basis, and ensure that your rights are respected.

State Government should be a catalyst for constructive change that is consistent with New Mexico values and circumstances. Our leadership team in Santa Fe must have the vision, courage, and ability to make that future a reality. With his proven background in public service, Billy would bring these leadership qualities to Santa Fe as our Lieutenant Governor.

“The Lt. Gov. is not a Cabinet Secretary or a Legislator, but the second-highest elected office in New Mexico’s Executive Branch.”