As a candidate for Lieutenant Governor, my goals are to help elect a Democrat as the next Governor of New Mexico, and then expand the ability of that Governor to improve the lives and futures of all New Mexico residents.

New Mexicans deserve leadership in state government that is responsive to our values, addresses immediate issues quickly and efficiently, and is dedicated to expanding everyone’s opportunities for a better future. Beginning in 2019, New Mexicans can expect an across-the-board push to transform job opportunities, education, health care, and public infrastructure.

Proven Progressive Leadership

  • Family roots in southern New Mexico since the 1890s
  • Architect and senior organizational manager
  • Strong progressive record
  • County Commissioner serving since 2011
  • Experience addressing the diverse obstacles facing rural and urban families.
  • 34 years of public service at all levels of government
Proud Progressive

Results That Matter

New Mexicans cannot afford state government that tolerates mismanagement, tentative half-measures, and willful avoidance of critical issues.

As a County Commissioner, Billy worked hard to bring sensible, progressive change to Doña Ana County. He led regional planning efforts, championed establishment of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument, and advocated for improvements in county government.

Proven Record

Lieutenant Governor

Billy believes that his first responsibility as a candidate for Lieutenant Governor is to help elect a Democratic Governor. After the election his primary responsibility will be to help the Governor create real change based on the party platform. In other words, he will expand the capacity of the Governor to carry out the will of the people.


Billy will take the steps needed to build a trusted working relationship with the Governor. He will be available to advocate, advise, and facilitate on any number of critical issues at the request of the Governor.   Learn More…